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Shop Talk: Shiplap, Wallpaper, Lighting + Tile

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While we’re still waiting on our store and studio permit from the city, we’re making progress on pretty fixtures and materials.

Some things I purchased last week (hello floral wallpaper and concrete Moroccan tile!) and others I’ve collected as far back as a year ago anticipating a store in our near future. Today I have a track lighting buying trip and I’m starting to seek out our kitchen and bathroom appliances, too.


Flea Style new store fixtures and furnishings


Flea Style store and studio space


I’m trying to use as many items that we already own to both honor the history of the space and save some major moolah. In the bathrooms, I plan to use some of the antique work tables as bathroom vanities and drop a vessel sink on them. I hope to use some of the mauve marble slabs I’m sitting on as countertops.

I also decided to take the vintage shiplap wood we salvaged from demo and use it as paneling in the bathrooms. The powder bath photo above kind of demonstrates what’s dancing around in my head!


Flea Style new store fixtures and furnishings


For lighting, I’ve purchased everything from Moroccan lantern sconces to beachy rope and washed wood pendants. Above is just a sliver of the selection I have in storage chomping at the bit to come out and play in our new space!


Flea Style new store fixtures and furnishings


Last week I pulled the trigger on this cement tile for our front entry. If you know me, tulips are one of my favorite flowers and the name of this pattern is “Tulips B.” So… I figured it was meant to be. My old interior design logo was a traditional quatrefoil (also an interlocking of four letter c’s — which is the letter of my last name) so I kind of figured it was all just too perfect.


Flea Style new store fixtures and furnishings


I bought this butterfly wallpaper months ago for our future space. I’m not a butterfly person necessarily, but I was instantly in love with the colors and idea of these beauties fluttering overhead somewhere in my life. I’ve decided to put this in the bathroom as well as the oversized painterly floral pattern. I think the combo is pure magic and can’t wait to tinkle next to this pretty combo every day!

Ok, TMI. But, c’mon… so pretty, right?! Keep checking back for more details and I promise to keep my potty talk to a minimum!



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