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Shop Talk: Fixtures + Flea Market Finds

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I wish I could tell you so much exciting news about the progress of our new store and studio. But, the reality is that we will be waiting another two to four weeks for our permit from the city to get cracking on construction.

So… I thought I would fill you in on some fun stuff such as fixtures and furniture we’ve been collecting for the space! It’s been extremely important to me to collect handmade, vintage and antique elements for permanent fixtures and soft furnishings so the store is a true reflection of our brand from floor-to-ceiling.

Over the past several months I’ve been combing Canton’s First Monday Trade Days for these unique treasures.


Canton Finds: Commerce st. fixtures



From ’60s residential doors to crystal chandeliers and old armoires, I have found so many amazing things in Canton! Each month I try to take the team to find things we love to create unusual hanging racks, clothing and jewelry stands and even storage bins.

Instead of looking for an actual vintage clothing display, we might look for old corbels and iron to create one to hang threads from. Or, rather than a pre-made jewelry stand, we look for funky relics, jars and bowls to drape necklaces and bracelets over.


Canton Finds: Commerce st. fixtures


Canton Finds: Commerce st. fixtures


Canton Finds: Commerce st. fixtures


One of my favorite scores so far is this insane vintage display case that came from an old New Orleans store. I adore this Louisiana vendor and find something from him just about every show.

We’re not exactly sure what we will do with this case yet, but I imagine it will probably hold vendors’ jewelry and maybe even some designer vintage bags and belts. I don’t plan to change a thing about it from the chippy white and sea blue paint to antique glass inserts — it’s perfection! The only downside? It weighs about 1,000 pounds and is a BEAR to move!!!


Canton Finds: Commerce st. fixtures


Canton Finds: Commerce st. fixtures


One of my favorite things about shopping at flea markets is that you never know what you’ll find around the corner. I fell so hard for that distressed mint dresser I scored for $20!

I’ve always wanted a bike filled with fresh flowers at the front of the store and this rusty one with a pretty blush leather seat was a must have! I’ll change the basket for something bigger and woven, but the colors are just right for our store vision!



Our friend Jan Crowley‘s booth at First Monday Trade Days is always brimming with unique shabby chic and farmhouse finds each month. These distressed painted shutters had me at hello. I’m still not exactly sure what I will do with them but I know there are endless possibilities from a rolling wall display to planter boxes if I cut them down.


Canton Finds: Commerce st. fixtures


We have several storage units scattered all over town storing our flea market treasures and they are all busting at the seams. Soon we plan to take out the pieces and put our touch on them from a new coat of paint to re-imagining its function by adding or taking away bits and pieces.

Luckily, the next FMTD is next week — February 1-4 — for us to have another haul to add to our pretty heap! In the meantime, follow our Shop Talk blog series here and on social media via #fsshoptalk.

Talk soon!


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