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Shop Talk: Bids, Permits + Our New Shop Dog!

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Although there hasn’t been much action inside the building lately, we’ve made huge progress behind the scenes this week! That said, we’re very ready to get to the fun stuff and put the logistical and budget mumbo jumbo behind us!


Flea Style store and studio space in Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas


Flea Style store and studio space in Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas


But, back to #realtalk. This week our construction bids starting firming up and we even received the first one back! I had to meet a couple experts in the space including an electrician and insurance adjuster. Every time I walk inside the space — even if it’s for a bone-chilling and boring numbers meeting — I get so giddy about our future home and all of the fun that will go down in this historic space!


Flea Style Store and Studio Shop Talk


Flea Style Store and Studio Shop Talk


To keep the balling rolling, my architect and I decided that I will submit our plans to the city instead of the general contractor (that’s the usual process) since I haven’t selected one yet. So I officially signed off on the plans and pick them up today to bring to the city with my permit application. I’ve been told that the city is very slow and tough to work with so I’m planning to bring some donuts and a big smile with me!

During one of my meetings this week I brought Bowie, our newest Flea Style team member! For the past two weeks my family and I have been working with the amazing EARS Texas pet adoption agency to get our little guy, which they believe is a spaniel/Pekingese mix. On Saturday we officially finalized the adoption and he folded right into the Flea Style family Monday when I brought him to the office. I can’t wait for y’all to meet him at the store when we open! I hope to bring him as often as possible!


Flea Style Store and Studio Shop Talk


Flea Style Store and Studio Shop Talk


But, back to our store and studio progress! Once the permit is submitted and the city has our plans they have up to 45 days to respond and grant our permit. Ugh! The good news is that contractors are estimating an eight-week remodel so once we get the green light things should move really fast — especially because I’m hoarding 50% of the fixtures we need to go inside so materials are pretty much ready to go!


Flea Style Store and Studio Shop Talk


In office, we’re starting to work on logistics, products, processes, POS systems, hang tag designs and ordering the basics from bags and gift boxes to tissue and the perfect accent to top items we wrap in store. Yes! We will for sure have a gorgeous gift wrapping station!

It’s a ton of work but so much fun and we’re seriously so excited about every step of this journey. If you want to follow along, be sure to check out our “Shop Talk” series on the blog and #fsshoptalk on Instagram!

Can’t wait to share it in person with you soon!


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